Ideation and Elevation
The overall goal of the 'abi jo photo co.' brand refresh was to look at the original brand and find ways of elevating it while staying true to the foundations that were already there. 
We started by discussing the aesthetics the client was a fan of, as well as design aspects of the others in the space that they liked and aspects that they did not like. From there I presented several options to them, ending up in the space seen below.
Logo Animation
Custom ligatures as well as simplified and clarified moon and star shapes give a playful and whimsical aesthetic while offering clean and deliberate vibes to potential clients. By looking at this logo a client gets a good read on the photographers professionalism, and willingness to experiment and have fun with their craft.
Typefaces, Color Palette, and Graphic Elements
Hand Drawn Graphic Elements
The hand drawn elements of the brand were from the original branding, the client and I agreed that they were worth incorporating into the refresh.
The graphic elements are pulled from these two illustrations, including the sun and moon individually, the waves, and a combination of stars and clusters.
Instagram Highlight Icons
The clients original Instagram highlights utilized flat colors with an 'ajpc' tag at the bottom. Many photographers, on their Instagram profiles, use flat colors with generic icons to identify their Highlights.
Our goal was to set their profile apart from others in the space by having actual textures from their actual photos instead of flat colors, and utilizing the style of the logo to inspire icons that visually identify the categories on display. The icons imply the meaning of category by using the aesthetic of stars and moons seen in the logo.
Icon and Photo Implementation
Instagram Roll-out
To announce the brand refresh we collaborated on a series of graphics that would be posted to the clients Instagram. My goal with these stories was to show their followers and potential clients the essence of the new brand identity (colors, icons, etc.) while putting the photographers abilities and style on display.

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